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4504 Rowsome Road E
Brockville, ON K6V 5T4
Office Hours
Tuesday to Saturday 10:00am to 3:30pm
Closed Holidays

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Exterior Units

Unit Size
11 19

Uncovered Car/ Boat Parking

  • Ground Floor
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Interior Units

Unit Size
6 23
  • Heated/Cooled
  • Indoors
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2 11
  • Heated/Cooled
  • Indoors
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About Us

Grenville Storage is Brockville’s premier 24-hour access storage facility providing all of your personal and business storage needs in one convenient location. Our secure units are fully fenced with 24-hour controlled access and video surveillance, for your peace of mind. In addition to exterior units we now offer interior temperature-controlled storage and vehicle storage.

Simplify your storage experience in Brockville, ON, through our onsite 24/7 kiosk and easy to use website, providing quick assistance and access. An on-site team member is also available to provide packing and moving supplies and answer any questions you may have.

Grenville Storage is committed to fulfilling all of your storage needs with high-quality features, unmatched security and superior service.


  • Well-lit Facility With 24-Hour Surveillance
  • Packing and Moving Supplies Available
  • 24-Hour, 7 Days a Week Keypad Access
  • Complimentary Use of Dollies
  • Temperature Controlled Units Available and Uncovered Outdoor Parking for Vehicles and Boats.

Temperature Controlled Storage Benefits

Temperature controlled storage units are kept between 12C (55F) and 29C (85F). There are many benefits of choosing between temperature-controlled storage and standard storage:

  • Protection from more extreme temperatures. The temperature in standard storage units can reach above 38C (100F) in the months of summer, dropping drastically in the winter months. Such fluctuations can make sensitive materials warp, split/crack, yellow and degrade.
  • It may be more expensive to replace an item, rather than storing it.
  • Visit your self-storage unit at a comfortable temperature and with privacy since all interior units do not require driving up to load directly from a vehicle.
  • You do not have to concern yourself with pests, temperature damage or corrosion more typical of exterior units.
  • Flooding and water exposure that stems from humidity, rain or melted snow are not of concern due to them being enclosed in a building.
  • There is little to no dust and dirt that gets into interior units compared with basic storage areas.

We recommend storing the following items in temperature controlled units:

  • Wood furniture and antiques
  • Instruments
  • Bedding and mattresses
  • Old magazines and books
  • All electronics
  • Valued business and personal documents
  • Art and photos
  • Upholstered furniture, leather and clothing
  • Vinyl records